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Time and difficulty difference between fractals

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I play normal mode T4 fractals and recs on a daily basis, usually at reset. The time and difficulty difference between the fractals is too great and I would love if ArenaNet world address this a bit.

My opinions, your may be different:

  • Fractals like Sunqua Peak and Silent Surf are very long in duration and are fairly difficult at T4 for average pugs. Players are literally leaving groups when they see these fractals are the dailies. Sunqua could use some dialog skips in the pre-events, shorter pre-events and a better expanation of the Tidal Bargain mechanic which many players still do not understand leading to a failure right at the end of the long fractal. It would also help to move the water phase to the start of the boss battle to allow players to retry this without having to do all other stages over again. Silent Surf could use some shortening, either in the pre-events or by lowering the boss HP.
  • Nightmare is my example of how an ideal T4 NM fractal should be. Not too short, Not too long. Presents a challenge without being overly difficult or with mechanics that players find difficult to learn. IRL I don't like Nightmares, but I with more fractals would be like Nightmare.
  • Twilight Oasis could use a shorter pre-event because the boss battle is fairly long. Boss battle itself is great imo.
  • Molten alliance fractals are fine. Still in a sweet spot imo.
  • Kitty fractals need a bit more challenging bosses to combat power creep.
  • Solid Ocean just has a boring boss mechanic. It is fine with it's duration because it has a short pre.
  • Urban battleground needs a more challenging boss battle. Getting past the ballistas is more challenging here than defeating the final boss.
  • UW fractal suffers from lack of updates to underwater combat in general. For example, some day we had to kick a heal mechanist (HAM) because mechanist gets no mech underwater and the healing is done via the mech.


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Maybe they could add an achievement that unlocks a portal to the final boss in Sunqua like it is with CM.  It's easily one of my favorite fractals on CM, but I hate it on normal mode.  The rest of the fractal is just boring and takes too long.

Also hate aquatic because underwater combat feels like garbage, solid ocean because the boss is extremely boring, silent surf boss has too much health and it makes the mechanics feel very repetitive.  I agree nightmare is a good one.  I also like shattered observatory.  All the CMs except silent surf are great.

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I'm in favor of tuning some of these. When you go down to T2 or T1 the players really hit a wall on sunqua and silent surf that really hasn't been remedied. Silent Surf just has problems with it's design in general that make it hard to learn and I think we can expect that to get worse in newer fractals.
That said though reworking fractals has historically been mixed. I'd rather Solid Ocean stay the way it is then get what we got with Aquatic Ruins. People used to complain that fractal was too easy and boring and the response was a rework that removed the break bar from the jellyfish, which turned into a slog where several underwater skills (on every kit) that did CC were suddenly useless. Experienced players totally abandon that daily now.

TO used to be longer and I'm not really sure what more they could do to shorten it. After the Joko res there was a third sandbinder you had to navigate a jumping puzzle to reach, players found out you could skip it and eventually it was just removed. 

I think sadly the days of short fractals are over and they're just going to get longer and with more HP.

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i feel like most fractals are in a really good place, with only a few exceptions..

1. swampland - its way too short, and is only held up by how irritating the opening mechanic is. mossman is also a joke, to say the least, not even a miniboss, and the final boss has way too much trash clearing instead of boss fighting.

2. sunqua peak and silent surf - alot of their problems could be remedied by allowing the challenge mode in t1-t3 and recs, as its mostly an issue of length and not difficulty. that said, like cosmic observatory and a few other encounters ,they heavily favor condition builds, which isn't very fair.

3. silent surf in particular - it skips to the final boss like sunqua peak, but doesn't offer a unique boss battle, so its just normal mode with more punishing bugs.

4. uncategorised - old tom needs a serious update, its weak even compared to the other bosses of that fractal, and even inexperienced groups don't have to do the mechanic.


i think alot of these fractals could also use minor time-saving tweaks, like if you didn't have to /gg on the sunqua peak normal mode mountain phase to regroup. it would also be alot better if many more fractals had real challenge motes to provide a time, difficulty & reward tradeoff.

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