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Asura Animations Broken Since Patch (Staff)

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Stow/Draw weapon animations when using staff: animation is now completely missing when Stowing the staff. Animation used to grab the staff and place it on the Asura's back. This no longer happens.

When pressing Z there is a pause before the weapon appears in hands. Pressing Z again, to Stow the weapon, the staff instantly appears behind character while the hands are still in position as if holding the staff and stay this way until 5seconds later.

DareDevil "Bound" ability at times will not display the animation but instead spin the character around backwards to the location of dodge direction. This is worse when doing into the "Kaineng Overlook" strike mission. After mission starts all players go over to the Disc and ride up to the 1st fight/phase of the boss. After leaving the disc and standing on the platform, the "Bound" animation is completely missing for nearly 10seconds.

- Full reinstall of game as of today
- Deleted all traces of game files before reinstalling and rebooting system (i.e.%appdata% local and roaming and documents folder)
- Game Latency: ~65

Hardware Specs:
AMD Ryzen 5950X
RTX 4090
4TB M.2 PCI 4.0

See Video:


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Yep still happening, super annoying I hope they get on this soon, this effects builds on multiple characters for me, can't really put the weapon away. As for the Bound one I can't say I've seen that a lot but I've seen things happen like that at random with evades of all kinds I'm pretty sure. The staff/hammer thing is definitely an issue though.

Also maybe I'm forgetting about an ability, but no idea what it'd be. For me doing engineer with hammer, I have this weird little small fireball stuck near the head of my Fix-R-Upper wrench, and when I sheath it and my hands stay in the battle stance the fireball hangs around near my empty hands too no idea what that thing is.

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