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Temple of Silent Storm a side node map?

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Someone I played with this evening insisted ToSS is a side node map. Well we lost, and the other team capped mid and took the meditations pretty easily. I couldn't convince my team to team fight mid, they were busy dicking around far and losing it. I'm not convinced, the far node is too far of a run to make it worthwhile imo. It's right near the enemies spawn too.

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Temple has some good kiting spots for the sides, but I'd argue has possibly the most important map mechanic in meditations.  Capricorn isn't far behind, because if you ignore bell you are going to some huge point swings.  Then probably Nifhel with the beasts and then all the others...least important / utterly ignorable being Khylo and Djinn.  

It may be because you lost meditations that you lost the map, as both are super powerful.  

IMO, teams don't like mid on temple because it's AFAIK the lowest node point on any map.  So you are ripe for DE's, LB rangers, etc. to just spam the node with all kinds of crap making it very hard to hold without a support that has lots of projectile hate.  It's also hard as a DE/Ranger/etc. to hit people on the flip side as down there literally everything obstructs you.  

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