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Cosmic Observatory arrow mechanic targets non-players

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We knew this was a thing in normal mode, but with the number of pulls on Challenge Mode it is now proven to be happening in this as well.   This is where it is more detrimental, so I'm going for a forum report as well.  In CM failing this will increase the amount of CC that is required on each bar for the rest of the fight as well as the temporary Infirmity on the entire squad.

Dagda can choose a non-player target for Shooting Stars/Green Arrow which can make it near impossible to do the stacking arrow mechanic when you can't see, or control, the target. If you do something to despawn it off the field it also counts as a failure.

In normal mode when we tried to prove this out to report it happening we could only get it to happen after Dagda was below 50%, but we didn't do enough pulls to say that is an absolute factor.  Both of these logs are sub 50.

We have 2 logs showing this happens, once on a Mech the other seems to be on a Druid pet.

In this log Player 6's mech was logged as chosen at 391.69s, in the mechanic logs you can see it as "Shooting Stars", but it lacks the matching "StarsTarg.A" that players have.  At 338.86s the squad all takes debilitated which is the punishment for non target failure.  Spinach the mech, rests in pieces, being obliterated.  It didn't leave the field completely, but was not attacking and was unresponsive until it was stowed and returned after the full death timer.

In this one it appeared in the pull that Player 1's ranger pet was chosen for the attack around 555s.  While the timing of the movement was slightly early compared to the time in the log, to the person who shared with this me for the report it looked like it was possibly on Player 1. They actually didn't have enough players in the arrow to complete it, but it didn't kill a player as it would have if they were the target.

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I did some more researching looking back.  In 20 more logs under 25% health, 5 of them had this issue which is more common than I was expecting.  All are under 50% health on Dagda when it happens.  In addition to jade mech and druid pets, using the assumption the target is chosen slightly before the mechanic happens and following Dagda's direction and the squad stacking, it can also go on Sword of Justice and fire ele from Glyph of Lesser Elementals.

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