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AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR3) for GW2?

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AMD released a new feature (AMD Fluid Motion Frames or AFMF for short) for their drivers that work with practically any DX11 or DX12 games, given GW2 became a DX11 not long ago in it's life time it had me trying it. I always played this game maxed out with a 60FPS cap since anymore is inconsistent and rather silly as an MMO, however with AFMF because it doubles FPS I'm able to get 120 fps so long I don't move my camera too drastically at once which is surprisingly enjoyable and GW2 doesn't need too much camera movement when in combat so it works well enough.

So it had me wondering if FSR3 could be implemented so that everyone can enjoy frame generation in a more consistent and reliable way. Given most game devs that talk about it say it ain't too hard to implement either. That'd be a big win for the performance side of the game which can be notorious for the large player events with poor performance.

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