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How does dishonor work now and is anyone else crashing at beginning of match?

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1: how does dishonor work now? 


Here's what happened- I entered the match. My game crashed hard at the start of the pvp match right when the thing began, just a moment after it said 'the match will begin'.   (Btw my game did properly do pvp before this with no issues, so there was no way to anticipate it would mess up like this)

It took me three tries to get back in, in which the client would not even start intially.

Finally by the time I got back in the game is lost. And I'm not high skilled enough to make up for it, to my shame.  I don't defend or explain myself because I'm too busy screaming lol. 

After the match, I get a dishonor of 7 minutes. 


Can someone explain to me what I'm getting dishonored for?  Being bad? The game crashing and not letting me in until three tries? Not defending myself and explaining I dced to the team?   My client not working and being bad surely made a bad experience for my teammates so I don't begrudge the dishonor exactly but how *does* it work now?  (Do I have to be good to get dishonor or willing to defend myself? Does my game just need to not crash me?  I have a hand problem so honestly typing beyond gameplay is pretty hard... But if it's required I'll make a note of it)


2: is anyone else crashing at the match beginning or just me?  I will make a bug report of this, but I'm just curious.



* I would mostly like to know how to avoid getting dishonor, and also preferably avoid causing my teammates a bad game coz crashing (they need to match me to ppl more my speed but the system is still sorting me now so np) I figure this subforum can at least explain the first lol

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