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Black Lion Chest Gauranteed Drop .... low effort

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After all your good work on the new content and features in this patch, your latest update to the Black Lion Chest guaranteed drop is ... the Fine Black Lion Dye Canister—Yellow ? Again ???

Ouch ! At the risk of sounding like an unimpressed Councillor Phlunt this really feels like a low effort Anet, an afterthought ... tsk tsk tsk


In Anticipation You'll Do Better Next Time ...

Grumpy of Shaemoor


P.S. And STILL no updates to the Guaranteed Wardrobe, Weapon and Armour unlocks after half a year ??? Bah Humbug !

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It's common they rotate the guarantee drop, it's the yellow dye's turn again. Don't like it then save your keys for some other time.


Do you also complain about the guarantee drop being related to the same festival items during their time of the year?

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They will rotate through the dye canisters and the minis I guess. So the prices might get cheaper. (And everyone can finish them.) Still better than the other trash loot we sometimes get. And the really good stuff never is guaranteed. (Except that you can slowly gather up statuettes to get some stuff of your choice.)

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