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Heart of the Mists Target Golems

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from the patch notes: 

  • Reduced the rank of the Target Golem - Heavy training NPCs in the Heart of the Mists from champion to elite. Their attributes and performance are unchanged.

Ok, you took the easy way from people to finish kill 10 champions weekly....kitten move but ok.
You claim that attributes are unchanged but they are not, their break bar is much bigger, very hard for some classes to actually CC it on their own now. 

I assume it is a bug since you said their attributes are unchanged.

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3 hours ago, Parasite.5389 said:

yeah, how are we supoosed to defeat the training golem now, game is literally unplayable

That is not the point of this topic though, is it? The point is, how can change something that was not changed. Read before commenting.

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