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Black Lion Mastery Coffers price change

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I understand Anet are trying to balance how much gold players can make from the Wizard's Vault and in that effort in this last update (among other things) they "Reduced the vendor sale value of Black Lion Mastery Coffers available from the Wizard's Vault from 1 gold to 10 silver". The thing is, that update applied to the old chests in your inventory as well and not just to the new ones you can get this season, so if you had chests from last season in your inventory they are worthless now.

All the items I get from the WV that are purely for making money, I keep them all season long and only chash them only in the end of the season, so I can get an idea of how much money I made from that season of WV. And when I loged in post-patch, I was going to finaly cash all my Bag of Coins and Black Lion Mastery Coffers, and the coffers price dropped from 1g to 10s. If I sell them now instead of 20 gold I have 2g... I wouldn't have bought them in the first place if this was their cash value. I get that Anet want them to sell for less money, because the only reason people were buying them was for the gold they were worth, but the update shouldn't have applied to the chests from last season already in people's inventories. The update just made me loose 18g. I would have used that AA in other stuff if they were just going to sell for 10s.

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