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"Offensive" Support Warrior: Currently has to Run Away to get the "Maximum Value" out of [Line Breaker]. | Please swap the Application Order.


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 | I want to Preface this with: Warrior Staff is Mostly Great! Thank you for taking feedback on it!! |


Explanation: Warrior Staff 3, aka. "Targeted Greatsword 5 Rush" used to have it's functionality split between "damaging / weakening" opponents if you targeted an enemy AND Healing / Granting Allies 3 stacks of "Ublockable" packet damage and the user 1 stack of said "Ublockable" packet damage. -- Presumably to set up for the Staff 4 which is a cc/pull.

Now, (I'm guessing because ANet combined the functionality of both the offensive+defensive versions, but made the offensive portion trigger 2nd,) if you "hit" an enemy with the aoe at all -- aka. Basically if you use the skill in combat, even though the move no longer does damage to enemies it will apply the Unblockable buff to the user, which will be immediately consumed by the Weakness Application.

You can still "jank it" by targeting off in space so that you don't hit any enemies with the 360 aoe end "roar" in order to heal yourself/allies/ensure you get your 1 stack UB buff. But if the skill is objectively better to use by asking your allies to "run away from the fight you're currently engaged in" imo that doesn't really lean into the "offensive nature of Warrior as a support" as they described it. It's entirely possible that only the Weakness is "supposed to be unblockable" now. But that feel antithetical to how the weapon was originally designed/described as well as to the GIANT FLASHING AOE they added for your enemy to add some counter-play to the Staff 4 that cc's/pulls so there would be some counterplay to what was presumably an unblockable aoe pull.

I was (c)hoping that this bug as shown on the preview stream or any of the existing Bladesworn bugs that I had detailed before got fixed before this week's release. But I just just thought I'd make a post on this really quickly explaining this interaction while there are some eyes on the game, and pleading with ANet to Reverse this sequence. Please make the Offensive(Weakness) portion apply FIRST and then the Defensive(Heal/Unblockable Buff) portion.

Thanks!!! ❤️

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On 2/29/2024 at 2:47 AM, TyrantPuppy.1893 said:

Yup. This ^ Fun Fact you still can't stow-cancel either rush or the staff 3 either. Only Weapon-Swap.

This is interesting. I read the same thing with Guardian Pistol 5 that you're unable to get the effect and the animation cancels. I so hope the animation cancel thing is utterly removed from everything since it gives an unintended advantage to those who know about it and can pull it off and none to those who have no idea it exists.

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  • Forum Moderator.3419 changed the title to "Offensive" Support Warrior: Currently has to Run Away to get the "Maximum Value" out of [Line Breaker]. | Please swap the Application Order.
  • 3 weeks later...

Fixed! I'm not saying the double-animation lock on [Line Breaker] feels great exactly. Especially when you can't cancel either.

But genuinely, thank you for fixing the issue with the unblockable' stacks. This topic can now be closed (if applicable.) Unless people want to use it to discuss something more!

 Cheers & Thanks, 🤘

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