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Kryptis memory for A Record of War: The Natural

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I'm on the second step of the achievement A Record of War: The Natural.  It says: Read the memory left by the Kryptis.

I've tried interacting with the kryptis memory near Mosyn's Repose, and it displays a book but has no effect on the achievement.

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Actually got this to trigger.

I was randomly doing the Dragon Meta boss, and noticed an interactable item called "Broken Kryptis Horn" up on the cliff to the North, picked it up and it triggered a book  / scroll, with some events that happened - the memories I guess. As I have seen and got this item before, you obviously need the step unlocked to trigger it.

It disappeared after reading it, so I suspect it's like some of the other items. They can spawn around different places. I have no idea why the cheevo asks to find the "kryptis memory", but the thing explicitly called that doesn't work, but this item does. Very weird or just a bug, I'm not sure.

Here is the location I found it, but it could be in other places.

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While that Kryptis Memory is the most obvious clue, it's not what you're looking for.

The Item you're looking for is the Kryptis Horn on the north-western edge of the Coloseum. I only found that out using the Wiki.

Bad labeling or misleading achievement description, take a pick.r

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