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Rending Shade + Malicious Cunning Salvo/Cunning Salvo Bugs Among Other Newfound Bugs

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Full Edit after testing in isolating stealth attack traits here.

The traits that work with the NEW stealth attack "splinters" branching off from the "parent" shot of MALICIOUS SURPRISE ATTACK prove that the splintered shots are, indeed, considered NEW STEALTH ATTACKS of the SAME MALICIOUS SURPRISE SHOT.


  • The traits tested to prove the splintered shots are considered new stealth attacks

Shadow Siphoning and Hidden Thief

  • Traits NOT working with the splintered shots are

Rending Shade, Even The Odds and possibly Sundering Shade (it has an internal 1s cooldown so it is difficult to test to see if the splintered shots could ever be delayed long enough to reach a new target)


I'd like to see the rest of the bugged traits get fixed to work with Malicious Surprise Shot's "Splintered shots."

Rending Shade and Even The Odds SHOULD work with piercing skills like Death's Judgement, a Deadly Aim buffed Sneak Attack (stealth attack on pistol mainhand but only if the ICD isn't effected on the trait.


Rending Shade Issue: In PvE environments everything works fine EXCEPT:

  • Boon Priority is completely different, unaware if this was intentional but it seems everything is inconsistently stripping random boons except aegis, except aegis can be stripped itself if you obtain unblockable effect like baslisk venom.

Rending Shade is not working at all on Malicious Surprise Shot's New Arrows but is working on these minus the bug


Rending Shade works fine on axe but its inconsistently buggy in game modes outside pve. maybe its intentional but maybe its not. Hopefully we can get it looked into.  May be bugged trait-wise altogether in other game modes.


  • Thief Axe issues I have noticed so far:

Recalling Axe with a/p or a/d still reveals u if you recall a stealth attack

Malicious Cunning Salvo is NOT a blast finisher despite the tooltip AND the Update Notes on 27th of February

A/D Harrowing Storm is not a shadowstep as it SHOULD be ruining potential build ideas with relics and such AND does NOT teleport you BEHIND your target as it states. An example of a trait not working with Harrowing Storm is Shadow Savior.


Wiki of Malicious Surprise Shot Bug
Rending shade wiki update


Thanks to Iskarel, Corpse, @Zacchary.6183, @kidbuu.4071 @jschwag.7310 for helping me test them

Edited by Lithril Ashwalker.6230
updated based on bug fixes
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Cunning Salvo and Malicious Cunning Salvo both just disappears into nowhere/gets stuck in ground/misses completely (this happens with the other ones too) on countless encounters.

The axes don't even fly full distance all the time. Often times they just stop partial distance because they track the ground while traveling. So, most times you won't even hit your target with it unless they are a golem or sitting right on your face 24/7. Let's not forget that some targets have their trackers in different places and sometimes the axes completely miss the target even if it actually looks like it hit it.

This is embarrassing; one of the worst designed weapons - even rifle was at a better place on release. This is one of those weapons that sounds "cool" in your head until you try implementing it and playing with it.

Among the new encounters added in Soto (Nourys for example) that don't allow the use of Steal/Mark/Siphon and these, it is painfully obvious that there's not a single thief playtester in their internal team; because these bugs can all be found within a few minutes of gameplay.

Edited by Asra.8746
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