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First Impressions on Shortbow


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Played around with the new shortbow in Strikes and in the Special Forces Training area, and I'd like to jot down my observations

  • SB 4->5->2->3 gives 14 Might. With Barrier Burst on Mechanist, that's 24 might. If you're fast enough, you can even fit in Acid Bomb or precast Throw Mine and get the full 25 stacks. With Blast Gyro on Scrapper, you only need SB 2->5 and you got 25 Might
  • SB 3 (Living Shadows) is a Dark Field, but it doesn't have the ring that other combo fields, like SB 4 ( Liquid Wrath),  has.
  • SB 5 (Borrowed Time) is no longer an Ethereal Field. Now we're stuck with Streamlined Kits being our only access to an Ethereal Field again.... The Blast finisher on it now is cool, but Ethereal Fields are cooler.
  • The auto attack (Arc Detonator) feels tacked on. It's like it's only there because you need an auto attack. It could at least be a Projectile Finisher or maybe the shock damage could have the Explosion Tag to interact with traits, but I'd really like if it interacted with the Chain Reactions in any way at all.
  • Chain Availability feels short. It would be nice if the availability window was lengthened to 5-6s instead of 4.
  • Something I liked with the beta implementation Chain Reactions was that if you only wanted might or only wanted barrier, you could set up your reactions to only do that one thing but get a lot of it. The current implementation is a lot quicker and more reactive, but it doesn't have that set up and pay off it had before (even though it did take too long to set up)
  • Having additional Protection on Liquid Wrath Chain Reaction feels a little... boring? I mean, more protection is good, but I don't feel like I'd ever want to chain react specifically for it, especially since the initial impact gives a good bit of it. I think it'd be more interesting if it gave stacks of Unblockable, like Warrior's Line Breaker on Staff, or maybe just a different boon like Resolution or Vigor.
  • Borrowed Time leaves behind 3 marks, but only one of them can affect a target. I feel like that defeats the purpose of having them hit 3 times. If I expertly place the AoE such that my ally gets hit by 2 marks, they'll only get 1 hit of Superspeed. Even if the initial impact only hitting once is intended, only one mark will Chain React and the other 2 won't do anything. In which case, why leave 3 marks if I can only use one of them? This is definitely the second-most disappointing skill on the Shortbow since the devs hyped up playing with the shapes of the skills.
  • Borrowed Time could use a different ground target indicator to better telegraph which direction the line of marks will go in. Also, it seems to go behind you if you try to drop the aoe on yourself while running. Generally, you want to be giving superspeed in front of you when running away, not behind. 😛 
  • I think it'd be nice if the skills kept the "vial-arrow" effect from the beta. Sometimes it's hard to see where I left a mark, and maybe having that arrow head on the ground would make it easier to tell. A thin blue circle can get obscured very easily. Not a huge issue since the marks don't last long anyway, but it would still be neat to have.
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