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Something is wrong with Orchestrated Assault (Thief A/P #3)

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It seems to be working like a Stealth Attack, easy to replicate. My build is using Maleficent Seven and Malicious Intent.

1. Use Deadeye's Mark.
2. Load full Malice (2x Venomous Volley + Orchestrated Assault).
3. Use Stealth Attack.
4. Load 6 out of 7 Malice (2x Venomous Volley)
5. Use Orchestrated Assault — now it should give you seventh Malice point, but instead you get Revealed and your Malice is set to 4 points.

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Malice being reset is working as intended - the revealed is the bugged part which was said to be fixed, but isn't.

  • Cunning Salvo and Malicious Cunning Salvo: Axes created by this skill will now properly gain bonuses when being recalled by dual-wield skills. Axes created by this skill will no longer always inflict revealed when being recalled by dual-wield skills. This skill is now a blast finisher. Reduced the bleeding stacks from 3 to 2 in PvE only.
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Can confirm that this is bugged. It's happening to both Harrowing Storm (Axe/Dagger 3) and Orchestrated Assault (Axe/Pistol 3). Seems like sometimes when you use them, rather than adding malice, it *subtracts* malice/resets you to 0 or 2 and then acts like the skill hit normally. It seems to only happen *after* executing a stealth attack first, and only on the first time you try to use Axe/X 3 after using a stealth attack - using it a second time after a stealth attack will cause it to behave normally, but after executing another stealth attack it goes back to being bugged. I have had it take me from 2 malice down to zero and then act like it hit as per normal and take me back up to two; and had it take me down from 4, 6, and 7 malice back to 2 and then again act like a normal hit and put me back up at 4.

EDIT: oh, also, can confirm that sometimes these skills reveal you - inconsistent at best, haven't found a pattern per se in when it reveals you vs. when it doesn't, because it's not always happening.

EDIT 2: Got a video of it happening; uploaded to youtube. Also, apparently edit 1 was wrong, because watching that video I'm getting revealed *every* time I hit the 3 - although that might be something specific about the conditions that are causing the bug/related to whatever's causing the malice bug.

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