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Guild hall PvP balance uses PvE equipment and level

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I wanted to prepare a PvP arena for a small PvP tournament and another one where people would have a fixed build for an event like the PvP during festivals. I logged on my warrior which has been a pvp character only and activated the guild hall PvP balance. This warrior is lvl 44.  I realized this:

  • My skills were all grey / not unlocked : I only had access to the PvE skills I had previously unlocked
  • My health was 6k : No gear change in the PvP equipment panel did affect my health meaning I was using my PvE gear

I asked a friend to come in with a lvl 80 character, activate the PvP balance, take a different team.

  • I auto him for 9 hp.
  • He auto me for 4.5k hp.

Based on the tooltip (and the small test I did with some cc skills) it seems like the cd and coefficient are correctly adapting.

I do not know if this is a bug or something missed or something that cannot happen because all the game modes are selectable at the same time in the same instance.


Edit : testing on a lvl 80 ranger full berserker I see that changing from PvE to PvP / WVW changes my hp from 18k to 16k because the jade bot effect gets disabled but the amulet still has no effect. The relic triggering was the PvE relic

Edit 2 : channeled agony (downstate 5) is accessible but this is a minor issue.

Edit 3 : Food like birthday cake changed my hp

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