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No "Amnytas: hero chest" none

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If you are in the map when meta ends you most likely won't get the chest that day even if you haven't participated in the meta at all it still counts as if you did and you can't get the daily chest.

If you disconnect mid meta and come back or not you won't get the chest that day
If you participate in every event in the meta but not hit MAW you won't get the chest that day.
If you teleport to amnytas to do an achievement, some events or buy Ptokens while meta is up you can't get the chest that day.

Many people reported this bug and are still having this issue and i have personally lost around 10 chests if not more because of this since around launch, stopped playing it in hopes it gets fixed but every patch its still the same issue until i had no choice but to play it to get the legendary armor in time.

Here we are after the obsidian armor patch, seriously anet ? This whole patch if not expansion has the armor as its core attraction and you can't fix a simple bug that halts the progress to get it and might make some people give up on it ? You spend close to 30 mins doing a meta to get nothing from. It is frustrating. Having to wait another day because god forbid you afk in a map or teleport there in the "wrong" time is tilting. 
I have collected my Pouchs of stardust and i'm sending this to advocate for my fellow gamers who haven't collected them yet and to many more sets in the future.

With love.


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Ah, so this is what's happening...sad. Two metas, got the ending screen, but not the loot from it. So that's why I don't have any pouches of stardust outside of a few bought for the 250 of the small currency...

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