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Feeling ripped off, and disappointed at new weapons... and dailies...Edit With Fix

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So I was in the special tab for the dailies. Said I had to unlock this new weapon and the deliver the killing blow to 100 foes. Well I unlock the weapon, go to the trading post, throw down some good coin for a decent weapon and away I went. Killed a number of units and went to check on my progress. Suddenly the achievement was no longer counting my progress. I spent the coin, did the events and now I am out the special daily reward. Kinda bait n switchy. Not to mention as reverent, the scepter graphics...are they bugged? I swing and some long red light appears like there is something wrong. Or are those just the graphics?

So I have resolved this issue. I believe it had something to do with my legendary being equipped. Even though I was using the new weapon, I noticed when I critically hit that the swords crit graphics, (aurene style weapon) showed despite me using the new weapon. By unequipping my legendary, I then began to receive credit for the achievement and was able to get my daily special reward. I would also note that the number two move has a habit of not engaging the enemy unless you are looking at them square on. I really didn't get what the number 3 move was supposed to do if it did anything at all. It seemed the higher up I went the move list the less effective  the moves became. I also noticed I became intermittently extremely prone at various points which seemed unusual. This was not the case when using other weapons. I will most likely abandon the weapon as it seems to still require  work to make it suitable for use within the game.


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