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Certain infusions

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So this is just a general question I Dont even know if I am in the right place for this question, as an infusion collector I love collecting infusions. Ive collected almost every infusion in game, and multiple of them. Mainly through buying on TP or trading. Since I am basically a WvW junkie, I absolutely despise Fractals/Raids and open world etc. I find it extremely difficult to even attempt to step into those game modes. Luckily the majority of infusions can be bought on TP or traded. My question is mainly about the abyssal infusion. Why is this infusion only able to be obtained by running the Fractal Sunqua Peak, yet on the newest fractal, which introduced the Mote of Darkness infusion, there is a chance to get a tradable drop. For me that was great, I could just buy the infusion right off the TP. Yet the Abyssal Infusion has still been gatekept to fractal runners only. It is an infusion Id really like to just be able to buy off the TP or trade. Again this is just a general question, as it doesn't make sense to me as to why Abyssal/ Red Celestial and Mote of Darkness and by extent nearly every other cosmetic infusion are treated differently? genuinely curious 


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