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Mesmer Mantra of Recovery Bug

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Coupled with the trait restorative mantras, the instant uses of Mantra of Recovery heals allies twice instead of just once.
I tested without the trait to confirm perhaps the skill tooltip was failing to mention that it is supposed to heal allies as well, but that is not the case, as removing the trait makes it not heal allies at all, whereas with the trait they are healed twice for the amount listed on the restorative mantras trait.

Edit: I stand corrected, @ZephidelGRS.9520 pointed out that the trait prior to Restorative Mantras is a procced mantra as well, so casting heal mantra is essentially casting 2x mantras, hence the 2x healing. The tooltip on Lesser Power Cleanse doesn't mention it being a mantra but it is literally named after the cleanse mantra so makes perfect sense. 

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