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Jumping the Story: Secrets of the Obscure

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Hello all;

I just started Heart of Thorns and recently learned I can use weapons on one elite spec from a other elite spec. Then I learned it was behind some of the SotO expansion story. Here's my question:

Is it worth it to, using another character, jump ahead to complete SotO up to getting that weapon skill, while ignoring all story? I would then progress normally on my main through the story in order.

Is it worth it? I would very much like to play a elementalist tempest with a hammer.

Thank you, 

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On the one hand, I would say learn tempest the way it was designed first.



You should always do what is fun!!

The step to unlock it is not too far into SotO, though you will have to basically complete the first act (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Weaponmaster_Training). You could just push through green stars and ignore the story mostly to get to it and play through it again when you are ready to digest it, but you will have several points where you will kind of have to engage with it through waiting for dialogue and through making you do events in the areas (which have some lore associated).


If you are a fan of Zojja you may want to play through HoT first.

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Thank you for the guidance! I like Zojja and Taimi; the asura are pretty interesting in general. So then maybe I play normal tempest for HoT, and if I want to explore it with the Catalyst hammer do the SotO afterwords on a separate throw-away character.

I mistakenly thought it was part of the expansion; much to my surprise upon purchasing SotO I still could not equip the weapon combinations I was interested in.

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