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Champion Avatar of Envy in Nyedra is untargetable

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Since the last update, when the event "Defeat the Champion Avatar of Envy" in Nyedra occurs, the Champion does spawn, but it is impossible to target them - you can't select them, see their HP bar, etc.

They still aggro and can do damage, but you cannot target them with any attack or deal any damage to them (even with untargeted AoE) - making it impossible to complete the event.

They even remain after the event has failed and can still aggro you.


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3 hours ago, Witch of Doom.5739 said:

Still bugged for me.  I saw its icon show up once but it wasn't targetable, and now it won't spawn at all.

Was meta going on or stalled?  Won't spawn at all  during the meta.  So far I haven't seen this targeting issue but there are plenty of problems relating to those two champs.

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