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Wrong unit spawned

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I'm not sure how to word this, but in the event to defend supplies in West Nayos, instead of an avatar of gluttony showing up, a "Xocotl Flopper" appeared, complete  with the appearance from HoT. I spent too long wondering when Eparch started using the frogs, before realizing it was an obvious bug pulling the wrong resource, to take a screenshot of it being there, but I did take a screenshot just after, in case that helps.


It's not exactly an important bug, I know, but I felt I should inform you anyway.

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As far as I am aware, Avatars of Gluttony are Xocotl Floppers, just with a new skin and name attached to it. And sometimes, said new skin and new simply do not appear on the frog.

So the bug might not be that a wrong unit spawned, but that attachments to that unit failed to load.

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