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I need some help with elite specializations

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I am totally confused about using elite specializations. I play a warrior and have all the skills and specializations in the hero panel plus the complete Elite Berserker specialization. I can't figure out how to use any of the elite skills. None of them are available to select in the bottom Elite Skills slot. I must be missing something. Do I need to completely access all of the elite specializations in the Training tab (Spellbreaker and Bladesworn) first?  Do I need to get the Secrets of the Obscure expansion to access the Weaponmaster Training? Is there some achievement I still need? I is there something wrong with my Build Tab setup in the Hero panel (another element of this game I'm still trying to understand)?

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If you have spent 250 hero points on Berserker, then choose Berserker for the third (bottom) trait line to assign the desired traits. You can then equip the weapon and skills.

If this is all foreign, read the wiki.

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