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Legendary bounty dissappeared?¿

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after a legendary bounty is killed or timed out it should appear again on the board in 30 minutes.
keep in mind the bounty is not your personal event but a map wide thing, meaning on the second day it was simply recently killed/timed out by (an)other player(s).

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Legendary bounties are designed for groups, you won't be able to kill it on your own, you'll need at least about 4 or 5 people. For that one you really need to get a group together first because there's no waypoints nearby so if you start it then ask for help it's unlikely other people will have enough time to get there and kill it before the timer runs out.

There's a few ways to get a group together (although the short version of all of them is "ask some people").
1) If you're in a guild you could ask them to help, even if they don't normally do open-world events together if you say you need it they'll probably be willing to help.
2) Put a message in the LFG menu - make sure to specify which bounty you're doing.
3) Advertise it in map chat
4) Let us know which region you're in (NA or EU) and some of us can join you

Alternatively you could check LFG for other people organising it and join their group. It's more likely when bounties are needed for the wizard's vault but could happen at any time.

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