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Special Training Area - Can we pls bring back the old version of it ? (SQUAD)

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Hello there,

Im quite tired of trying to testing things out with friends and everytime someone need to swap character we need to leave all. The old version of the SFTA was way better, we could enter and leave without any problem at all, if someone whispers me and wants to join? GONE, i need to leave. If im tired and i leave, everyone else leaves because im the leader of the instance. 

I think we should be able to join it with party and with squad like the old times. And being unable to use glider? why tho? for mounts? I want to know what was the propose of it because i may be missing something. I miss the Old Golem days where i could train without problems.


And some off topic i want to question is, can we pls change the colour of the scourge barrier (supp)? It's so bad trying to see mechanics (AoEs) or something else while having the same aoe's colours below us. I hate it. 


Tyvm and cheers to you all guys. \o/

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