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Account creation problems

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Hello everyone,

A friend of mine wanted to join me on my adventures. But when he tries to create a new account the window with the public account name (the one with .xxxx) isnt turning green and the account creation fails every time. We tried multiple things like turning off both vpn and anti virus, different browsers, different emails, differen names (including multiple of the type rolled head across the keyboard) and waiting 24hours. The error message he gets says something along the lines of "undefined error". Even when i tried to create an account in his name i had the same issues/error message.

A ticket that i wrote to ask for help took 2 hours to be registered and me getting the "thanks for contacting the staff"-mail and when i checked for said ticket today it was nowhere to be found.

Does the server handeling these things have some issues atm?

I am grateful for any help i get and thanks in advance. Have a nice day everyone

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47 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Your friend can update his ticket to ensure it has not been closed.  If he has not created a ticket, he can do so by sending an email to 'support@arena.net'.

Good luck. 

How can i update a ticket if its not under the send tickets? Also tried using the ticket number i got send with the mail but it comes back with "a ticket with this number doesnt exist". But i guess we will try the email. Thanks a bunch for giving me that

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Well for 1 your friend will have to do their own ticket and it will be created when they send their first email to the email Inculpatus cedo.9234 posted.

After that all the can do is wait and talk to support when they come back to them.

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All support tickets (email or site) will generate a near-immediate 'We got your ticket' response.  If your friend did not receive one after creating a ticket, then either he is not receiving emails from ArenaNet, or the ticket did not arrive. 

You said you received said response, so it would be able to be updated.  (Still, each account-holder must create their own tickets.)




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