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Soldier's Elegant Weaponsmith's Back Pack

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I think i have read available similar questions regarding back packs upgrades.  I have already tried using what seems to be universal items.  I cannot seem to find an article in wiki that explains in detail available upgrades for back pack and what those up grades are whether they be Jewels, Gems, .........it would be nice if when customizing that a list automatically appeared on right side of available buys for backpacks ability for example I have the Soldiers power Toughness and Vitality.  Infact it would be nice if you could have an attribute selection for all items that has attributes.  This has been very time consuming. At least for me and can get discouraging. This subject has probably been talked to death but so far I have been unable to add 2 items Exquisite Beryl Jewel, Exquisite Azurite. 

Thanks for you time. 

From Customer

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Some of the info is mentioned on the wiki though:
Elegant Weaponsmith's Backpack - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
From the notes:
Because this item is level 78, it can't hold level 80 item upgrades.

Aka the item level is 78 so it can 't hold upgrades higher than 78 (which means the highest level of upgrade for this item is level 65 as far as I can see, Embellished Brilliant Jewels).

It is probably not feasible to create such a list as before level 80 (read some expansion area's looking at you HoT / raid / fractals) those upgrades are not really required even though they might make life easier. In other notes once you craft the backpack it should not have stats so if you than select "Customize" on the backpack it should show a list of all the options (which you can only set once).

Further if you are in the equipment window (if no upgrades have been applied to the item) it should only show the upgrade items available for the item (or at least I hope so) on the left side of the window though I never really tested this because of well Ascended Back Pieces and only having infusions in them for myself.

Hope this answers some of the questions you have.

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