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My experience with Greatsword


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I notice something greatsword damage is insane no wonder what is called greatsword. I just cant handle with such like mirage with greatsword and soulbeast. So if i cant beat them i join them i made Soulbeast with Greatsword as i can tell in less than 5 second i did deal 10k damage (3-2-5-2 combo). How the hell this thing is allowed 😄 I'm constantly spamming my soulbeast in sPVP and WvW. In sPVP i almost hit the 400K damage in a game. 400K !!!!. For this insane amount of damage sake i used 12 black lion key for Cyberhowl Greatsword (and i got it at 6th chest btw).Mirage is different story greatsword with mirage has much more damage potential + it has more range than Ranger and Deadeye/thief with Rifle. If i am being actually honest with it. Its kinda feels kills the game especially for other classes for example i have a thief i had to hit 10 times to do that damage meanwhile people possess greatsword 2 shot me. I think magic based classes shouldn't possess a greatsword at all. I'm going to get another character slot for Greatsword mirage im pretty sure i will be disgust and keep spamming it.

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Greatsword mirage?.. why?, the profession has like 2 elites that are both better with greatsword… 

p.s any weapon can achieve 10k damage lol I am guessing this is sarcasm or something? I rly can’t add up wtf this is lol…

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