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AtlasCore [ACE] Guild recruiting [EU]

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Join AtlasCore[ACE]!

Are you seeking thrilling PvE adventures in Guild Wars 2? Look no further!
AtlasCore Guild is a brand new community bursting with energy and excitement, ready to embark on epic journeys throughout Tyria.

What We Offer:
Fractals & Dungeons: Dive into challenging content alongside fellow guild members and conquer the depths of Tyria together.
Guild Missions: Unite with friends to complete missions and earn rewards as a team.
Exciting Events: Join us for a variety of events, from world boss hunts to guild-exclusive activities.
Raids (Coming Soon!): Gear up for epic battles as we prepare to venture into raid content together.

Active Community:
Join our Discord server to connect with friendly players, participate in lively voice chats, and stay updated on guild activities. Our Discord is abuzz with daily conversations and shared adventures.

New Player Friendly:
AtlasCore Guild is built by new players, for new players. We welcome adventurers of all skill levels and backgrounds, with experienced members on hand to offer guidance and support to those who seek it.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey in Tyria, there's a place for you in AtlasCore Guild.
Join us today and become part of our growing community!

[AtlasCore Guild - ACE Tag]
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bTBjtrdgSj
[In-game Contact: Spolkip.3840]

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