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multiple relic of peitha users in an instanced content or openworld

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Is it true that relic of peitha procs only once for multiple players using the same peitha relic?

example.. player 1 procs peitha relic by shadowstepping to the boss(after ~1 sec, the blade is thrown at the boss).. player 2 shadowsteps 2 second after player1 did it... now.. will player2 get the damage bonus from his own peitha relic?

Im a bit hesitant on using any builds with peitha relic because I heard it from a streamer that the relic is currently bugged and it benefits the first person who procs the relic and whoever else procs the relic within the next 3~4 secs(ICD) will not get benefit from it

Is it fixed? can someone confirm? i searched for this issue and couldnt find it.. maybe i didnt search deep enough? idk

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When I googled this relic I found a lot of people unhappy with its damage and a few comments on how some shadowstep/deception abilities can drop you out of combat and once out of combat, the relic won’t proc. No idea how accurate that is but it also sounded like it was by design. 

what I don’t see is any report about group content and issues like you describe. I think that it’s very likely the streamer was talking out of his a—. 


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