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Condi Spellbreaker


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Most of the community agree that Warriors need a second elite spec for condition damage. 

A good rework for the Spellbreaker as second condition damage elite spec could look like this: 

Weapon skills

Breaching Strike  (Dagger Burst skill)

-> Additional inflict daze for 1/2 second if your target has no boons.

= Better synergy with spellbreaker traits. Many enemies in PvE have no boons. 

Keen Strike  (Dagger skill 1 - 3rd chain skill)

-> Deal 15 % increased critical-hit damage.

= Deal increased damage like the chain skills before, not only one stack more might what is (nearly) useless if you have boon supporters in your team and no traits that benefit from getting the might boon.

Bladestorm  (Dagger skill 5)

-> Grant quickness for 5 seconds instead of barrier. 

= Better to compete with offhand axe.


Heal, Elite and Utility skills

Sight beyond Sight  (Spellbreaker Utility skill)

-> Reduce ammunition cooldown from 20 to 15 seconds.

= Better usability, not only for stealth counters.

Imminent Thread  (Spellbreaker Utility skill)

-> Grant stability instead of resolution. Reduce cooldown from 35 to 30 seconds.

= Better usability and useful source of stability.



Body Blow  (Strength Traitline - Master Trait)

-> Inflict 5 stacks of vulnerability for 5 seconds instead of bleeding.

= Fits better in this power based traitline.

Unsuspecting Foe  (Arms Traitline - Master Trait)

-> Additional inflict 2 stacks of bleeding for 6 seconds after disabled a foe.

-> Perfect trait for condition spellbreakers that disable foes very often and want to do condition damage. No need to take the strength traitline so more flexibility possible. 

No Escape  (Adept Trait)

-> Additional meditation skills grant superspeed for 3 seconds.

= Finally a trait to improve meditation skills.

Loss Aversion  (Master Trait)

-> Additional inflict torment. 

= Condition damage for removing boons. 

Attacker's Insight  (Grandmaster Trait)

-> Change buff to "Attacker's Insight (3s): 150 Power, 150 Precision, 150 Ferocity, 150 Expertise" without stacks.

= Not bound to many CCs and Boon Removals anymore to get it's full potential. Additional increase Expertise for condition builds.

Enchantment Collapse  (Grandmaster Trait)

-> Additional cast "Break Enchantments" on critical hits with 15 seconds cooldown.

= Better usability and more worthy as a grandmaster trait. Synergy with the new No Escape trait. 

Revenge Counter  (Grandmaster Trait)

-> Change effect to "Full Counter deals additional damage and torment. You can activate your Full Counter without being hit, but with lesser effectiveness." The Full Counter chain skill would be called "Early Counter" and would just do damage, torment and daze to nearby enemies. So there is no stability, evasion or unblock ability anymore, but a flexibility usability.

= Easy condition damage available for Spellbreakers. 


With these changes we could create condition spellbreaker builds with the traitlines "arms", "spellbreaker" and a third traitline of our choice. 

As weapons we could take swords, torch, daggers and maces to combine pure condition damage from weapon skills with condition damage from cc and boon removal. 

Meditation skills to disable foes or removing boons would do a job in condition builds too. 

I think this could be a great step forward to a new playstyle for condition warriors. 

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Added build possibilities
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