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Returning player - Warrior VS Guardian - PvE focus with a side of WvW/PvP


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Hey guys, returning player here!

Now, I have both classes at 80 and am going to be running through HoT content to get elite spec's maxed out, as well as get as many extra points in preparation for PoF elite specs. Both of my classes will be running Berserker's(exotic) as I don't have the money to grab myself a set of Viper's at the moment, so condition will be out the window until I can get my hands on a set. As people with experience, how to do these classes compete with each other in all PvE content? I want to start getting in to fractals, and down the road, find a guild/group to raid with, however I also do a fair bit of open world, so survivability will be taken into account.. Last I checked, Warrior was the power house while Guardian was the defensive support class, however, I've read that Guardians have recently received quite a buff with their GS build, so is this still the case? As for WvW/PvP, I don't do this anywhere near as much as I PvE, so this won't have too much weight on class choice, but I am still curious as to how these classes perform. I also understand that things will change with the release of PoF at the end of this week, so if anyone has any beta/stress test experience, feel free to weigh in on how they thing Firebrand/Spellbreaker will change up desired classes for group content.

tldr - Warrior or Guardian - who's all around better/most wanted for PvE content and why?

I look forward to hearing your opinions! Thanks!

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Unless the game balance gets absolutely destroyed, Warriors will always be optimal for any party doing PvE content due to the combo of Phalanx Strength and Banners. Guardian has always been very welcome and necessary in a lot of situations, but I believe its spot in endgame PvE is not quite as solid as the Warrior.

As far as open world goes both are very easy to do content with and have great survivability, even if in different areas. Guardians have a smaller HP pool so they rely quite a lot on blocks and supplement those with some support healing, while Warriors with their bigger HP pool are mostly focused towards constant passive regen.

For WvW zergs, easily Guardian, both currently and once PoF hits. Guardian is already one of the fundamental classes of WvW, and it looks like Firebrand is only going to cement that further. Warrior however will probably climb quite a few spots in importance due to Spellbreaker, which appears to be amazing in WvW and will probably be able to swing fights. Core Warrior and Berserker however lean much more towards roaming, and even in that they're definitely not top dogs, at least currently.

For sPvP really it's up to the current balance patch, both classes can shine quite well, although Guardian has generally been more solid due to Dragonhunter pretty much demolishing pubs. But the new specs in PoF could change that, it's too early to know how big the impact will be.

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@Nick Lentz.6982 said:Warrior over guard for raids. I think anyway.Probably bias but guardian for everything else.WvW most certain guardian, you can't have enough

Warriors are primarily used as might sharers via Phalanx Strength (CPS) Condi Phalanx Strength.Guardians are also up there for top dps in raids, either will work but Warriors will most likely be asked to be CPS rather than CDPS.

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