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Tyria Pride 2024!

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Another year rolls around so quickly, it's already time to announce that-


Tyria Pride 2024 will be happening on June 22 & 23, on both NA and EU servers!

■  ■

 What is Tyria Pride?

Tyria Pride is an annual event that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and our allies both in-game and out, and raises funds for Rainbow Railroad, a non-profit organisation which helps LGBTQ+ people around the world escape state-sponsored persecution and violence!

It's a 2-day event with a long history in GW2, as part of which we'll be walking from Ebonhawke to the gates of Rata Sum in Metrica Province, hanging out & having fun while raising funds to make the world a better place than we found it!


■ When / Where?

The event takes place over two days, and will be held on both EU and NA servers.

Start locations:

  • • Saturday, June 22: Ebonhawke (at the portal from Divinity's Reach)
  • • Sunday, June 23: Lion's Arch (at the Field of the Fallen)

Start times:

• EU: 16:00 CEST [14:00 UTC]
• NA: 4 PM CDT [21:00 UTC]

These are general start times, we tend to start marching about 15 minutes past the hour. Despite this, to get into the correct instances without any issues, it's recommended to be at the location at least 15 minutes before the hour.


 How to join?

To accommodate everyone coming to the event, we'll have multiple volunteers helping everyone get together, and will be taking over multiple instances of the same mapEach instance can only take about 150 people, so not everyone will be able to fit on the same instance. Our volunteers will be opening LFGs to get everyone onto a number of maps.

One way to make this simpler and to get in touch with volunteers more easily is to join the Tyria Pride discord, at tyriapride.com/discord, where you can get all the info about the event as well as more easily get assistance! During the event, loads of attendees also hang out in voice chat, but that's a totally optional component!

Please note: Do not open your own LFGs, please wait for organisers to open theirs so that you can join on a map instance with an organiser on it. Due to how the megaservers work, just because you are in Ebonhawke / Lion's Arch, it doesn't mean you're with the organisers. That's why it's a good idea to arrive into the map before the event start time!


 How to get involved?

The success and scope of Tyria Pride depends heavily on help and volunteers from the community! If you wish to help out, there are several ways you can do so:

 • Volunteering: Volunteers help out on the day of the event by helping ferry/taxi everyone into the correct instance between maps, guiding the path, fielding questions & providing information (which you'll be provided as a volunteer in the form of copy-pastes). A commander tag helps greatly with this but is not necessary. We're also looking for volunteers for pre-events, so even if you can't make it on the day, you can still help us make 2024 the best Tyria Pride ever!

• Streaming the event: Streamers have become one of the main pillars of Tyria Pride, and a ton of our fundraising comes directly from the amazing content creators in the GW2 community. If you're a streamer, big or small, we'd love to see you at the event! In the past, many streamers have even organised pre-events in support of the fundraiser! We'll be compiling and highlighting a list of streamers that will be attending the event, so if you're planning on streaming, let me know!

• Contributing in-game prizes: One of the ways that we encourage donations to the Rainbow Railroad fundraiser is by doing raffles of in-game prizes. In the past, this has included legendaries, rare materials and fancy skins! If you can contribute anything that you think might be a cool prize, get in touch!

• Organising pre-events: If you're someone who can organise your own events, like a community or guild leader, a streamer, or just someone who is very good at organising stuff, you can spread the word, raise in-game funds, or even add to the Rainbow Railroad fundraiser by organising your own pre-events in anticipation of Tyria Pride!

• Spreading the word: The most important thing for any event is visibility! If you can spread the word to your friends, your guild, your favorite streamer, share the event on social media, talk about it at brunch with your co-workers, explain it to your cat! For quick information, here's a promo image you can share!


If you want to get involved, either as a guild or as an individual, the best way to do that is to join our discord at tyriapride.com/discord and get in touch there, or contact me in-game at Lelling.6795 via in-game mail!


■ Fundraiser

As always, we're walking the walk to create actual change and improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people worldwide, so we are running a fundraiser for Rainbow Railroad, an organisation focused on helping LGBTQ+ individuals escape state sponsored persecution and violence. Last year we were joined live by RR representative Brittany Skerritt, you can watch that video here!

For our fundraiser, go to tiltify.com/+tyria-pride/tyriapride, or use the short link tyriapride.com/donate!

It is hosted on Tiltify. If you are a streamer or have your own community you can also set up your own goal, with your own incentives to engage your community!

Just like every year, those donating to the fundraiser will be able to participate in raffles to receive both in-game and out-of-game rewards! Last year we gave away 4 legendaries, 18 precursors, and tons more stuff, with over 80 in-game prizes, as well as artist commission giveaways!



If you have any questions about the event, feel free to ask them here on this post! I'll be checking it regularly and doing my best to reply to any questions! You can also join the Tyria Pride in-game guild, but note that the guild is inactive throughout the year, and is only used as an infopoint to let people know about this particular event. If you're looking for an active LGBTQ+ guild, the Tyria Pride discord has a guild section, and the event itself is also a great place to ask around!

In-game contact: Lelling.6795

You can also catch me live with any questions on Twitch: twitch.tv/lelling

Tyria Pride discord: tyriapride.com/discord

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Updated with fundraiser link!
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Oooo! The excitement begins! I have marked the dates in my diary! 🌈
Let's see if we can surpass last year's donation total!

Definitely recommend joining the Tyria Pride Discord Server if you want to get involved, adds so much more to this wonderful event! 🏳️‍🌈
Hope to see you all there! 💖

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Leaky, our master of domains, works fast! You can now link to this post easily with the short link tyriapride.com/2024! This is very handy for stuff like a guild message of the day or sharing the link to this post in in-game messages, pictures, or other places where a long link is unwieldy.

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11 hours ago, Iraetolin Noquana.3169 said:

I am but a very small youtuber/streamer, but I'll absolutely stream the event, it sounds like so much fun. Been on a break from the game for a while, but I've been looking forward to riding my transflag skyscale for Pride :3

Hey hey! That sounds awesome! Make sure to join the Tyria Pride discord for streamer resources and I can add you to the list of streamers!

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21 hours ago, Lelling.6795 said:

Hey hey! That sounds awesome! Make sure to join the Tyria Pride discord for streamer resources and I can add you to the list of streamers!

Alright, absolutely! That sounds like a fantastic plan. My channel name is The Trans Fiendling on YouTube. (I stream there instead of on twitch due to comfort levels)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tyria Pride is happening tomorrow! HYPE!

Thank you so much for everyone organizing the pre-events and to everyone contributing prizes for our prize pool! Our prize pool includes 9 (NINE!) legendaries, over 80 in-game items including black lion skins, infusions, home instance improvements, chairs, and more! Plus, it includes 7 artist commission giveaways!

Don't forget we're also getting pre-march concerts on both EU and NA! EU's is on Saturday, organised by [Cmaj], and on NA it's on Sunday, organised by [Song], both about an hour before the march!

Make sure to join the Tyria Pride discord to keep in touch with all the info & get direct help with anything regarding the event!

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