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Condi Virtuoso Sigil choice


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The easy PVE build I saw online uses the sigil that will take bleeding duration to 100%.  But because crit chance is 100%, I'm wondering if Sigil of Strength would not be better?  With food I can get bleeding duration to 85%, but also build up to around 9 stacks of might at one time.  Is that extra 15% duration really better?  Just curious.  Thanks for your help.

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For what purpose? Assuming this is a typical group content build that you read, you don't want Strength Sigil because your support teammates will fart so much Might that the Sigil is useless. Earth Sigil will be far cheaper and more effective. Earth + Bursting are my choices. 

If this is an open world solo build, using Psychic Force will yield similar result since you can only upkeep ~8 stacks of Might with the Sigil anyway. Plus if you have EoD, the Protocol buffs help a lot too and you don't really need self-boon options that much. 

Also try to use Relic of Aristocracy for the missing 15% duration.

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