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Signet of Illusion?

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So came back to my mesmer after ignoring it for years. Decided to finish Map Completion (can't stand who we are linked with in WvW so figured I would do something). I checked out GuildJen for a PVE build (virtuoso) and it seems to work well. However, the build calls for Signet of Illusion - which states that the passive effect is to create a "...clone every few seconds". I've never seen it work.

Am I missing something mechanics-wise?


Edit: Never mind. Read the fine print on the wiki for Virtuosos. It stocks a blade instead. Too bad they don't put that on the Signet's in-game description. Sad I had to check a wiki for it. 🙂


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Saw explanation on wiki
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17 hours ago, ShadowKatt.6740 said:

It works. And if you're not playing a Virt then you can count on the signet to spawn a clone attacking every ambient creature in the world ensuring you can never mount.

Never had this issue ngl

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