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UI Bug when using toggle for autotargeting

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1. have autotargeting ON and use it to get a target
2. turn autotargeting OFF with the toggle hotkey
3. use a targeted skill like one that teleports you onto an enemy or even leap skills that lock on to a target

you will still have an unpromoted target in your UI (therefor it goes away if you turn your camera too far away from the target) but your skills wont use it as a target. for example as thief a heartseeker would get you through the target instead of stopping at it or using steal would just put the skill on cooldown without teleporting/giving stolen item.

i would suggest to either

  • detarget on using the toggle like it is now but also remove the target UI at that point


  • (preferably) promote the target at that point so the skills will connect.
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missed something
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