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Balanced Matchups

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Hi Anet i am usually dont post anything in any game forum but its like that for at least last 2 month or even more after the last beta of alliance end its become worst and worst to play this mode..


we are the red one who have almost no players we are "main server"
Blues are playing at night
greens playing 24/7

Like what is going on after the last beta of the allince? is there any news regarind balance? or anything that alliance can bring and fix this...

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to 12 years of GW2 because it’s been happening every single week since the start for some world. 

For both EU and NA, there is no red team particularly worse off. There is only two matchups where red is loosing - NA T4 and EU T5, which is unsurprising. In NA T4 they still have the better kdr (albeit by a small margin) but loosing more on skirmishes. EU T5 is the reverse, lagging behind in kdr but closer in skirmishes.

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At least in the EU, the populations vary alot, along with the coverage.

It's been a problem, since WSR got full and stayed that way since. In T4 EU, the reds have so much more coverage, due to chatmanders and clouds, while green and blue, might be Very high population servers,  only blue has a link.

Then again, people can just switch to alt accounts these days too.

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