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Wizard's Vault Legacy Weapon Skin Boxes

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The weapon boxes for the current Vault season only present you with the options you haven't yet added to your wardrobe. I am catching up on the weapon sets from the past seasons now, and I assumed those boxes worked the same way. However, after buying 4 boxes and opening them, I realized I only had 3 skins in my wardrobe. You can re-buy skins you've already unlocked!

Oh well, I wrote it off as lost Astral Acclaim. After a few weeks, I had finally bought most of the boxes. I only needed one more skin. But the boxes are sold out in the Vault!

It seems the Legacy vault tracks how many times you've purchased the weapon box, even though it doesn't prevent you from getting a duplicate skin. I didn't mind losing out on the Acclaim, but I do mind not being able to finish the weapon set! Also, it would be good to have the boxes work the same from the two different sources.

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From the Wiki: 

It is possible to unlock duplicates. However, since there are only 16 boxes available, support must be contacted to receive the missing skin(s).



You can use the widget to find which skins have been unlocked. 

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