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Suggestion for Recall Axes/Orchestrated Assualt (Minor change to Harrowing Storm)


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Posted (edited)

Could we change the skills to be a sudo-ammo skill, counting up to indicate the number of axes we currently have on the field (instead of the tiny icon on our Enhancement bar) and consuming all when used; additionally for Recall Axes and Orchestrated Assult, have the skill Greyed out if there are no axes present (Harrowing Storm can remain available as the teleport portion of the skill is still useable even without axes), I feel like i've fat-fingered skill 3 and wasted my initiative too many times.

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Posted (edited)
18 hours ago, Azure The Heartless.3261 said:

No to greying out orchestrated assault. It's an evade and having one of those on demand, even with no axes, is helpful. 

Please don't make it chunkier than it is. 

quite expensive for 'only' an evade.
how about -1 ini cost for harrowing storm without axes up and -2 ini cost for orchestrated assault without axes up ? as the wasted ini was the issue pointed out in the OP.

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