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Idea for a new Warrior Elite-Specialization: Weapon Artist

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Inspired by this video:


I thought about an Elite-Specialization I would like to play as a warrior main. 

My vision: A refined core warrior - smooth and fun to play like berserker, high complexity while keeping it „core-warrior-simple & minimalistic“, „style/look“ just like the core warrior (=no flashy animations, no big effects). Mastering the complexity should be equally rewarded with a really strong class. 

Name: “Weapon Artist“

What would change with the spec (on a high level)?

Weapon Sets & weapon swap:
- The Weapon Artist Spec would allow the warrior to carry three weapon sets at the same time.

- The Warrior gets access to all burst skills of the equipped weapon sets all the time at the same time via F1, F2 and F3. E.g. F1 Greatsword Burst-Skill, F2 Axe Burst-Skill, F3 Longbow Burst-Skill.

- In combat, the Warrior „Loses“ the ability to weapon swap, BUT the burst skill replaces this functionality. E.g. currently active weapon = Greatsword, pressing the burst skill of the Longbow changes the active weapon set to Longbow. If you press the burst skill of the currently active weapon set, you stay on that weapon set.

- All Weapon & Burst Skills COST and GENERATE adrenaline.

- The Warrior can store up to 20 Adrenaline and every single unit of adrenaline can be spent on its own. The thought behind this: allowing a more dynamic and flexible spending of adrenaline (e.g. one skill might cost 3 adrenaline, another one 5, and so on).

Utility & Elite Skills:

- One new utility skill & one new Elite skill. Both skills are different depending on the weapon that is currently equipped. Like two new powerful weapon skills. This would also add complexity by requiring even more thought for weapon swapping via the burst Skills.

That‘s it!

I would hope that this spec enables a fast and dynamic gameplay, with very frequent weapon swapping and crazy rotations to benefit the best from all the available weapon skills and the new Utility and Elite Skill. The complexity is added with the extra weapon set & the demand for resource Management.

Thank you for reading! I am curious what you think about my idea. Would it be fun or horrible? Is it to complex or still too simple? Does it fit with warrior or not?



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