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New ideas for New maps in WvW!

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Hello everyone, I would like to suggest an idea for possible new map in WvW. My favorite remains the one inspired by PoF (desert, messy, but very varied). However, I'm starting to smell a certain stale smell in the variety of WvW maps...🌐 🗺️and I would like there to be other maps inspired by the other expansions and also by the Leavings... I would suggest replacing an Alpine Bordelines (in rotation every week or more) with a new map.

EoD/Orr inspired map:🗺️🐉🌊

- Lore: set on a Volcanic Atoll 🏝️. In the center a large sinking island surrounded by a ring of coral reef 🪸and small islands🏝️. On the coral reef there are picturesque and welcoming villages🏠 of Quaggan 🦛 and Largos 🐟surrounded by shipwrecks and some mysterious ruins (it is said that some hide treasures or serious dangers...). The islands🏝️ that have emerged are bare and barren, dominated by now abandoned military forts, bastions that bear witness to naval battles forgotten over time... In this map it is not possible to use Mounts (None!)🦁⛔ but you can use: the Glider✈️ and the Ships⛵! Yeah! 😄The large central island has an ancient semi-submerged volcano🌋. And somewhere, nestled on one of its slopes, there is the entrance that leads to the center of the volcanic caldera, where stands an ancient temple-monastery dedicated to a primordial and "lost" deity of Kanta (similar to a monstrous creature marine with "humanoid" features and a "bewitching voice"...🧜‍♀️👹🐙) The volcano is surrounded by an impenetrable wild forest, which is ancient and sinisterly famous... Made up of very tall bamboos and centuries-old trees, the worn remains of an ancient civilizations dot the undergrowth. Mangrove swamps infested with ravenous giant leeches and deadly basalt cliffs line the coast (style: Aokigahara, Fangorn and Skull Island)🌳. It is said to be inhabited by demons, monstrous animals and restless spirits seeking revenge... even the plants whisper to each other and... they even move... The idea in this map would be to exploit and implement PvP Parties/Squads naval battles with larger and "military" versions of the Skiffs present in EoD. The new boats are divided into: ⛵

"Schooner": for 5-8 players😄

"Brigantines": 10-15 players😏

"Galleon" 15-20 players 😎

The aim is to attack military forts and/or small settlements with cannon fire to stock up on materials and gain strategic positions and points for your Server. Like real Pirates! AAArrrrghhh!!!  ☠️🏴‍☠️🫡

Cannonballs will be divided into categories: 💣

- classic cannonball (deals decent base damage to targets)😅

- AoE toxic cannonball (covered in foul-smelling, volatile poisonous substances: inflicts poisoning on targets hit for a few seconds)🤢

- AoE explosive cannonball (filled with extra explosive powder and iron buckshot: does immediate heavy damage to structures, bleed damage and slows affected players and NPCs)🤬

- clockwork cannonball (connected to a timed device, explodes only after a certain time... but can be "disposed of" if fast enough... these balls can be shot in groups of 5 balls at a time!)🙃 ⏱️

- incendiary cannonball (covered in pitch and then set on fire: it causes AoE fire damage to structures, players and NPCs affected for a prolonged period of time, water must be used to extinguish them immediately and limit the damage)🥵

- AoE freezing cannonball (freezes everything and everyone nearby...)🥶

- cursed cannonball (enchanted with evil eye and various curses: inflicts AoE Torment and causes affected targets to flee for a few seconds)😱

- AoE lightning cannonball (enhanced with electrodes and conductive fluids, inflicts medium burn damage and immobilizes affected targets for a few seconds, the effect is amplified near water sources...)😵

- smoke ball (you already know what it is for)😶‍🌫️

- clockwork "adhesive" cannonballs (covered with a sticky substance or with spikes, they can stick to the walls and hulls of ships and explode after a while... they are fired in groups of 4 and unfortunately exist in various variants. .. but luckily, these can also be removed...)🫠⏱️

Ships can be upgraded with dyes that can be purchased from specific merchants, stolen from opponents or obtained by crafting items taken with loot. Hidden treasures found in ruins/wrecks can also provide useful items to upgrade your forts, ships and naval arsenal. Killing small reef bosses earns: Extra points for participants and rare materials for ships and arsenal. In very rare cases it is possible to collect particular "magical artefacts"🪄... The main objective is to conquer at least 2 islands with 2 (large) Keeps 🏰. On these islands there are particular cannons functioning with a mysterious magical energy... they must be used to fire energy shots against one side of the high cliffs to collapse part of them and allow players access to the main island. Without them it is impossible to access the central island!

Once we enter the central island, Hell awaits us... Remember the 3 forests from before? Unfortunately, they too will remember us... not to mention that we will also have to fight against opponents from other servers and without Mounts... in the name of "True PvPvE"... but we can always use the Glider! ✈️

If we survive the massacre, we must make our way along the winding slopes of the mountain until we find the secret entrance to the temple... I would suggest doing a simple jumping puzzle for the path, the first one to reach the end of the path unscathed (if there are comes...) unlocks the free path for everyone else! I don't know whether the idea of being able to reactivate the traps for the opponents after passing or leaving the trap block in time is better... umh... Arenanet take care of it! 🤑And no! On the trail the Glider won't work... 🛬🔥💀

Once you arrive at the entrance to the monastic temple, you will have to fight what remains of the "guardians of the temple" and free the Horror from the Deep that hides inside from captivity... The objective of the first team entering the temple will be to keep the Creature free from captivity for as long as possible and let it unleash its enormous power that will slowly conquer the entire Reef for the team itself, while the latter keeps their opponents at bay. The opposing teams will instead have to try to imprison the Creature again or defeat the team that possesses its power. If the attacking team manages to imprison the creature or defeat the team defending the Creature, they can in turn attempt to summon the Creature's power to conquer the Reef for themselves. The team that first manages to conquer the entire Atoll with the Creature's power wins the battle. The Victors will enjoy immeasurable wealth, glory and power! 💰🤩🦸‍♂️Yes men! You have finally found the One Piece! 👒The Losers, on the other hand, will all be catapulted into the sea via magical portals... for some of them it could go very badly... close encounters with: their own shame, cliffs, trees and the lethal local fauna...🫤 but there could be a few lucky owners of "saving magical artefacts" 🪄who will be able to remain, who knows how "lucky and saving" 😇they will be in such a nightmare place... it's up to them to discover it and take advantage of it for themselves or for the team... Good Luck! You will need it... 😏

After the conquest there will be a Countdown⏱️ as happens for some PvE game maps. At the end of this Countdown, the Creature's magic will cause the cliffs to reform and free access to the central island will no longer be possible for opposing teams. And we will have to set fire to the powder again to be able to enter! The Conquerors certainly won't just stand there without reacting, will they?! From the central island it is also possible to attack opponents from strategic points (some to be found and conquered by defeating small Bosses). On the central island you have to get busy! While opponents can protect forts, ships and arsenals with various protections, of course.😌

If there are few players on the map, enemy NPC Bots can be introduced who will act as Pirates 🏴‍☠️and attack the players' ships and forts as they would opponents of other teams. In these specific cases, a "special cannonball" 💣✨is added, namely the "Holographic Buoy"🛟 which, floating in the water, reproduces the copy of the players' ship that the Pirate Bots will attack for a certain period of time, distracting them from the players who will be free to escape or attempt to sink them permanently. Obviously the Bots will be less demanding on average than real opposing players.🤔

I'm sure I missed something, but it already seems like a basic idea enough to me... I hope you like the idea! 😉 Otherwise, a magical portal will open beneath you and catapult you onto the island... Bye, Bye!😈😝

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