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Best Hot Takes & New UI Suggestions For GW2 QOL 2024

Best Hot Takes & New UI Suggestions For GW2 QOL 2024  

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  1. 1. Please vote on the best new hot take for general UI improvements

    • Ability to reorganize weapon skill order in the same way utilities can be reorganized. In example: A player could reorganize the order of their weapon skills in Ele attunements. This way a player could customize the skill placements so they feel more intuitive to play/remember.
    • When a gear template is copy/pasted it should also copy/paste the dye customizations rather than defaulting pasted templates to generic colors.
    • Each gear template should have its own outfit settings. In example: gear template 1 has a halloween outfit equipped and set to show, gear template 2 has a wintersday outfit equipped and set to show, gear template 3 has a different outfit equipped but set to OFF so it is not currently showing. Swapping between 1, 2, or 3 will individually save those outfit settings per template.
    • Cosmetic infusions should have an option to turn OFF the cosmetic effects. Some of us have expensive deep currency +9AR/+5stat infusions laying around that we don't want to use because the cosmetic effects simply don't mesh well with our character's themes. A good example would be fractal celestial/abyssal infusions. Special CM currency is only good for buying those infusions, but no one wants to use them because no one wants their character to look like a smoke cloud.

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I like the cosmetic infusion hiding idea but I am unsure the outfit per template is feasible on Arenanet's end. In particular it makes the halloween ones much more reasonable to use on multiple templates. I had been using the black ones on my stealth themed mesmer template but it does not suit other templates.

The WvW infusion is also flashy but if you spend that much currency on it (accountbound or on TP) you are likely to use it for the aesthetic.

The weapon skill reordering would require fundamental interface changes probably. I do not think that the autoattack would ever move from slot 1 however so in the meantime rebinding is the way to go. In GW1 we could reorder everything and the UI could be moved around.

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