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When Will We Be Getting Our 6th Guild?

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As so many of us already know (I'm certain there will still be a few confused souls), perma-beta for WR starts in less than 4 weeks. When will Anet be adding the 6th guild slot? For those of us who are already maxed out on guilds and trying to establish Alliance guilds for the beta, the sooner the better. Can Anet PLEASE give us an update regarding this asap? Trying to coordinate and invite all the Alliance guildmates takes time. Thank you. @Rubi Bayer.8493@Roy Marks.7689

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The final update for Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure, “The Midnight King,” will arrive next Tuesday, May 21. This content will be available for free to all current and future owners of Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure...

...Finally, we have three exciting quality-of-life updates coming with this release. First, squad messages will now appear when hovering over commander icons on the minimap. This will make it easier to identify the purpose of a squad, especially when you have multiple commanders operating on the same map. Second, by popular request, we’re introducing a nifty accessibility upgrade that allows players to customize the color and shape of the targeting reticle while using the action camera mode. And finally, we are increasing the guild membership limit from five to six for all players. Time to make some more friends!


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You'll have to forgive me for overlooking the May 21st release date.

Once I read the major update news that "Siege disruptors will now be unblockable" I was so excited I forgot about everything else I had previously read.

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