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Malware Alerts From GW2 Forum

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Just now, Chaba.5410 said:

Google Tag Manager?

Not sure, checking the logging....

Category: RiskWare
Domain: k3o1i5drvwpef9hi3864c63v2m8dw3ks.oastify.com
IP Address:

Again, just the forums and not the main website.


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Posted (edited)

I'm getting it too from Malwarebytes. 

Also, there were several odd alerts/crash reports when trying to download the new patch.  But, they all disappeared before I could really read the 'Show Details' or 'Send to ArenaNet'.  After a few minutes, the patch downloaded and in-game everything was fine.

Oh, and yesterday or day before, an ad showed up in the lower corner of the forum.  I have 3 adblockers, so that was weird, too. 

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