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return accountnames in mail back

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As a guild leader i am still very sad of the new way of how the mail system is looking

Earlier you could always see the account-name of the people but now you guys changed it that you can only see the character name of the person who mailed.

Is there a reason why this changed? I am getting pretty disappointed and annoyed by the fact that I now every time have to ask someone that mailed me who he or she is because I don't recognize the character name. I can't memorize everyone's character name...

It used to be: person online shows their current character name | person off-line shows then the account name in the mail as sender

Would be nice that you can see again the account name of the sender of the mail.

Cause as a guild leader who likes to interact with their guildies this is pretty awkward and time consuming to ask every time who it is.


I truly hope you would change this back again! 

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