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Copperfed & Runecrafter salvage kits stop "Salvaging all" mid salvage

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Today a weird thing started to happen. I was opening my Unidentified Pieces of Gear and then click Salvage All Masterwork & Lower on my Runecrafter slavage kit for all the greens in my bag. It got through most of them but then stopped short, leaving about 20 unsalvaged. When I went to right-click it to try salavaging all again the option was greyed out as though I didn't have any qualifying items in my bag.

The issue just happened again while opening/salavaging blue Unidentified Pieces of Gear. Stopped short and now wont allow me to salvage all again.

In both cases I am still able to individually salvage the pieces one-by-one, but the Salvage All option stops working.

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Posted (edited)
9 minutes ago, Tanek.5983 said:

Are the items in an invisible bag by any chance? I'd imagine that would prevent salvaging like it prevents material deposit.

Nope, just regular bags. I've used the same purple 20-slot and the 2 ascended 32-slot bags bags I've always used, it just randomly happened twice today out of nowhere. One of the 32 slot bags prioritizes containers, but they weren't in that one.


Edit: oh and both times it happened I was in the Wizard's Tower

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