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Vindicator Bug in New 100 Fractal

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When fighting Cerus and Deimos in the new lonely tower fractal, whenever you dodge as Vindicator you get CC'd. It's like you get pulled every time you dodge and this only happens on Vindicator. I've tried other professions and dodging works as usual.

Any idea what this is? Unfortunately it makes Vindicator unusable on this boss and I don't think it's intended.

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I experienced this on my first time doing the new fractal (anytime I’ve been back I haven’t been on vindi) My theory is that for some reason our dodge isn’t just purely an animation and we stay on the ground like all other dodges. For example you can technically “walk” over small fences and stuff while dodging. So it seems like it’s one animation going up, and another coming down with a character position being moved. In that boss room, the invisible ceiling seems to be super low to the ground. So when you dodge and the game reads your character is above this threshold it tries to put you back into the playable space which ends the animation and cancels the dodge. I noticed it always tried to move me to the exact center of the room. 

idk know why it doesn’t teleport you to “reset” your position like other boundary breaks, but instead only stops the animation and slightly move you, like being pulled. It’s like the game thinks “oh no, you left the area let me help you, nope actually looks like your good, carry on” every time you dodge. 

super annoying 

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