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"You have found a ley line."

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Every time I fly into a ley line I get the pop-up:

You have found a ley line.

Train the Ley-Lines tier in 

Flight Master to use it with

your flying mounts.

(and a big freakin exclamation point to the right, and a tiny little x to make it go away, but only temporarily).

The bug is that I have *already trained* the ley-lines mastery and I still get the pop-up. 

Arenanet: I *know* already!! Could you please stop putting up this annoying notification on top of my chat window?

How about a 'don't show this notification again'? 

Isn't this a bug? (That I still get it after training the mastery)? Is there some other mastery for ley-lines I haven't unlocked yet besides gliding #6?

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Posted (edited)

It might be referring to the Ley Line Acclimation in the Flight Training mastery for Secrets of the Obscure. This is a new one that lets you use ley lines with the griffon and skyscale mounts.

But yes, those pop-up alerts are VERY annoying when you can't make them go away. This one in particular sounds like it will be an annoyance for anyone using leylines with gliding if it really is alerting on the SotO mastery.

If they are really worried about people forgetting what a feature is for, maybe they can at least make it so when an alert is dismissed you can have it not pop up again that week or something.

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I have bought SoTo, but not played it, so if there is a second ley-line mastery in SoTo that would explain the pop-up. Thanks. 

I guess I will have to be annoyed until I finish the content I want to play first (I'm playing through in order, and am in PoF)

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