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Thief Axe build open world


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Coming back after a longe pause and curently playing trough the expansion using spectre. I would like to try out the new axe in open world - does anyone have a recommended build? Doesn't need to be top notch, just usable. I know, in open world you can basically play everything, but as I am not too into dmg multipliers and so on, I still wanted to have a somewhat ok-ish build.

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against basic opponents i do prefer power builds, but find axe is not frontloaded enough on axe/pistol.

but for when i dont want to pay too much attention killing some random champs in openworld i might use something like:


the utilities obviously change all the time based on what is up, but i like haste for faster harvesting and shadow step if i want to port somewhere and dont want to mount up for it. can be replaced with damage utilities.
damage is oke, not great but you can facetank many things.

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I use this as my open world thief build. It's definitely not the highest DPS of the OW variants around, but I though it was fun to have both quickness and alacrity in a single thief build and I enjoy specter and it's theme a lot. 
You don't need to swap weapons, Just pick which one you want to use and camp it. Going in and out of shroud takes care of the "weapon swap" triggers. I just sometimes like using scp/p and other times I like ax/d. So i carry both.

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Everything is workable in PvE so if you like axes my suggestion is to go all in on Grieving stats and pick up Critical Strikes trait with a 1-2-3 line. Pair with Trickery 2-2-2 and IMO Daredevil at 1-2-2 mostly because I like the mobility. Dagger off hand works best with Grieving but Pistol is useful if the target is one that you cannot get up close on safely. Power/Condi runes and power based sigils such as air/fire.

Axes are fairly terrible in the play experience. They deploy slowly and feel clunky. Even that one shot pay off when you recall them lands a bit flat. P/P these days is still the go-to fun weapon set in PvE particularly with the last couple of buffs.

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First time I play celestial thief, and it's extraordinary good because of Axe (despite the nerfs on condi durations) and, won't lie, because of Deadeye's boons/deadeye's mark.

BQBK or M7, it depends the mobs you want to kill:
BQBK + Haste with the boon duration should give you perma quickness (+200 power+200 precision)  against trashmobs and so value too the "power" part of celestial and axe. Deadeye's mark will give you fury and >20 mights.
M7 against stronger mobs; champions,  world boss ... to regen iniative, boons...

Power or condi work too, but as always you're a squishy thief, some mobs can counter you quite easily, and playing with shadowsteps, dodges etc in OW is quite boring.
Celestial works so well in every situations,Why deprive myself ?

With Daredevil or Specter, I don't really like the iniative issue they give in OW. Deadeye is more convenient for Axe.

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