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Engineer shortbow rework [idea]

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Back to the time when the skill names had a meaning: 

1 - Arc Detonator

Dealing some confusion with the aoe damage

2 - Essence of Animated Sand

First impact= Damage, Protection and Barrier

Chain reaction effect: Barrier

3 - Essence of Living Shadows

First impact= Condition removal and Heal

Pulsing field effect: Torment

Chain reaction effect: Heal

4 - Essence of Liquid Wrath

First impact= Fury and Might

Pulsing field effect: Burning

Chain reaction effect: Might

5 - Essence of Borrowed Time

First impact= Damage, Stun and Slowness

Chain reaction effect: Slowness


The weapon would be a nice ranged aoe condition damage weapon with many good possibilities to share boons and protect allies. 

Actually engineers have many options for great aoe power damage (hammer, bombs and grenates; for some situations mortar too). 

For aoe condition damage the options are actually not so much (flamethrower and grenates). 

So the shortbow would be a perfect addition to the set of aoe condition weapons for the engineer.


What do you think? Are you happy with the shortbow how it already is?

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yeah im all for having engi shortbow get a complete rework but what your after is keeping it the same with minor changes.  Here's the way that engi shortbow should get reworked.

Arc Detonator- bleed or torment on autos with a 300-500 dmg co-eff

Essence of Animated Sand- explosion with 2-3 poison stacks on initial impact. chain reaction- gain 5 might to allies + user

Essence of Living Shadows- explosion with blind on impact, chain reaction- remove 2 condis with 2 stacks of burn. 

Essence of Liquid Wrath- explosion with chill and resistance on impact, chain reaction- gain 3-5 secs of protection to allies. 

Essence of Borrowed Time- explosion with Cripple+Vulnerbility on impact with 1.5sec stun, chain reaction- gain 3sec superspeed and resolution

Ok now for the clean up, 900 range on all shortbow skills, the boons or bonuses should apply when a skill hits instead of having to be standing in the field itself. So if a skill gives protection on impact, the user firing should get that boon and any allies in the field should get as well. Each of the shortbow skills should get buffed on the dmg co-efficient. This weapon was complete garbage from the start and shouldnt of seen release till it got reworked. Each of the essence skills should have decent dmg to be of use instead of making it bad where none or little of it sync'd with any of the traitlines. 


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I'd like it to get reworked, but your idea is more or less the same as shortbow currently. shortbow should have a lot more oomph for setting up the payloads.

arc detonator: fire an arrow that confuses enemies and inflicts vulnerability. combo finisher: phys proj with a 20% chance.
essence of animated sand: damage and barrier. chain reaction - grant might to yourself and allies
essence of living shadows: explosion that blinds and confuses enemies. remove a condition. chain reaction: remove 2 conditions and grant swiftness.
essence of liquid wrath: fire field that instantly explodes and pulses burning. allies gain aegis and protection. chain reaction: strip 3 boons from enemies. 
essence of borrowed time: a field that damages and stuns enemies who try to enter it. it gives confusion + vulnerability to enemies upon creation. chain reaction: superspeed.

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guess could say the same about your idea on this. plus im sure we both know what projectiles are just bad now due to alot of proj block. I'd be for havin autos with pierce, not sure on the confusion part since that condi is really low dmg. all ya have to do is quit clickin skills which is why i was after something more decent like torment or bleed since they at least do something. Another thing is that we dont need anymore barrier than whats in the game already. Specter with scepter, scourge,  and now with rifle mesmer not to mention all the barrier thats been placed in traits over the years. Engi shortbow shouldnt get barrier since theres too much of it plus its a broken mechanic that should just get gutted. The blind on skill 3 is definitely worth noting but adding a condi removal on detonate think would be too much. So by adding it to the chain reaction makes better flow and doesnt make it on demand. Skill 4 with aegis shouldnt be added since theres other boons that could be placed on it instead like resolution or resistance. Aegis only blocks once and would have to reapply it, the boonstrip would be decent since the nerf to boonrip from necro would add another source to it. Skill 5 the idea of stunning enemies who enter the field be no different than ele air staff, to make it affective the stun should be on the initial tick but im sure anet would make this a daze or something else less applicable. Think we need more condis on engi shortbow than just vulnerablity, like cripple be a decent pick since theres alot of vuln in the game already. Had in mind of weakness but im sure theres too much of that too or instead of stun on borrowed time, could make it a knockdown, maybe launch, float. pull. Otherwise hopefully better suggestions get put toward this. 

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